The Nottingham Group is a creative brand building company that specializes in public relation efforts for professionals in fashion, music, television and entertainment. A boutique firm, The Nottingham Group is attentive and hands on with each of our clients, assisting with projects from start to finish. We deliver results through entertaining and newsworthy content- bridging the gap between new and traditional media with creative campaigns that engage and capture the imagination of our audience.

With the public relations industry constantly evolving, it is important to work with a company that is able to grow with the times. Founded by publicist and television producer Ernest Dukes, The Nottingham Group's goal is to simply provide the best and most personable service in the marketplace while increasing awareness and brand visibility. Unlike traditional PR agencies, The Nottingham Group prides itself on only representing clients that we believe in and are passionate about. Our clients range from multi-platinum recording artists and award winning actors to clothing companies and beauty brands. In addition to our traditional roster of talent, The Nottingham Group is the first ever full-service public relations firm to not only welcome TV personalities with open arms, but to create a special sub-division that caters specifically to reality television clients.

Under promise and over deliver has been our attitude since day one and continues to be the driving force in our results-driven work environment. Staffed by young, hungry, and educated professionals, The Nottingham Group's motto is "Wake up early and go to bed late". We pride ourselves on having the stamina and endurance to not only deliver results, but to exceed expectations.