As the current landscape of television continues to evolve, reality TV has transitioned from being something that was once just trendy to now being a viable form of television. As a result, more and more celebrities are using the tool to enhance their brand. The Nottingham Group prides itself on being the first full-service public relations firm to not only welcome TV personalities with open arms, but to create a division within our company that caters specifically to their talents. The Nottingham Group's Reality Division specializes in enhancing the brands of TV personalities and branding them in various marketplaces that have not traditionally accepted reality stars.

The Nottingham Group's Reality Division helps clients build their brand from inception, assisting with every element from beginning to end. Founded by television producer and Nottingham Group owner Ernest Dukes, The Nottingham Group understands how to leverage a docu-series platform into other avenues of entertainment to increase brand awareness, recognition, and revenue for our clients. The overall goal of our Reality Division is to turn what's traditionally referred to as "15-seconds of fame" into undeniable brands with longevity and staying power.

The Nottingham Group's Reality Division has welcomed talent from various reality television shows including Keeping Up With The Kardashians, The Real Housewives franchise, Mob Wives, Basketball Wives franchise, Love & Hip Hop franchise, Hollywood Exes & more. In addition to securing press and branding opportunities, The Nottingham Group has also secured various six figure endorsement deals, appearances and spokesmodel partnerships for our clients as well.